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Christopher Gasper Art Co. includes paintings and other artwork mediums of colorful still life and objects, portraits, modern landscapes, collage, and The Post Personalism Project


All of the works to some degree investigate meanings of being self-aware in the present moment.


Ascension | Acrylic on canvas | 20 x 16 inches


California Rolling Hills Sunset | Oil on canvas | 16 x 20  inches


Presence Fountain

Acrylic on cardboard

35.5 x 37 in

A human figure merges with the flow of a city fountain opening the light of consciousness where true beauty can be realized. Presence Fountain investigates deeper meanings of being self-aware in the present moment, which is the experience of awakeness and points to a peaceful inner state.

*This piece has been selected by Art Fluent to be a part of their online exhibit, titled URBAN.

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