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Post Personalism

Self-Portrait, Morris Graves, 1933, 25.25" x 19.5", oil on canvas

Post Personalism can be summed up in artist Morris Graves' statement: "My first interest is in Being, along the way I am an artist." 

Likewise, the Post Personalist's first interest is in Being, and that reality is the platform that enables Post Personalism art.


What is Being? It is the essential life that one is beyond one's mental conditioning including the narrative of oneself.


Post Personalism explores the beauty and truth of being that arises spontaneously in the present moment and allows artistic concepts, images, events, experiences and symbols to emerge out of that. 

More about Post Personalism

"Post" means "coming after", or going "beyond"."

"Personal" means "self-centric".

"ism" indicates an "organized system of thought".

Therefore "Post Personalism" is an organized system of thought that looks at the human state beyond self-centricity. Post Personalism explores that space artistically. 

Post Personalism communicates artistic themes relating to the evolution of human consciousness. We believe that humanity is gradually moving out of the egocentric stage and into a non-egoic stage. The non-egoic stage is an emerging new consciousness.

Post Personalism uses art forms to communicate attributes of the emerging new consciousness. 

‘Post Personal’ does not mean a disregard of the personal self, it means ‘coming after’ or ‘going beyond’ the personal self. It is the next step.

Post Personalism is not a doctrine or belief system. Instead, it is based on an open and flexible framework of oneness and seeks to rise above, or move beyond, the status-quo state of human consciousness today.

The Post Personalism project has been ongoing since 2014.

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