Consciousness Series, Upcoming August 2018 

The latest project I am working on is titled the Consciousness Project. It is an artwork series exploring concepts relating to the theme of consciousness. Most people believe consciousness is merely a state that we all experience when we are not sleeping. However, we can look at consciousness from a deeper level. Many philosophers, spiritual sages, poets and artists believe that consciousness is an expression of a greater universal connectivity and order that unifies us all.


The following images represent works in progress that are centered around the Consciousness Project theme. In these example studies, I'm choosing a lemon as my subject matter and it is used as a metaphor for consciousness. In each piece, the lemon symbolizes the “light of consciousness” which can also be interpreted as “awakening”. Once further developed, the series will be created in a contemporary style that combines lemon imagery juxtaposed with recognizable line forms of the natural world. Lemons are a traditional symbol of sour disappointment on the one hand, and inner cleansing on the other. I'm working to convey this duality as it relates to human consciousness. My goal is to explore the great mystery of how consciousness expresses through us artistically.



IMPORTANT NOTE: The following images are not all finished works. Some images represent select studies and are works in progress for the Consciousness Project.