The Post Personalism Art Project is about universal oneness. It is an approach that engages awakened concepts in relation to human identity and artistic creativity.Post Personalism is an artistic platform than enables the exploration of the evolution of human consciousness through art.


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Select Christopher Gasper Post Personalism Artworks

The Potentiality

acrylic on canvas




Potentiality was inspired by a Morris Graves painting titled Chalice. I saw in his painting an inverted figure and took that idea to capture the spirit of the work to dialog about the potential of awakening in all of us. This image conveys the inner potentiality of awakening within outer chaos.

Being with Georgia

oil on canvas




Georgia O'Keeffe once said when you take a flower and really look at it, it's your world for the moment. This piece depicts a figure and flower living in that moment. It represents the beauty and experience of oneness. The intention is to reassert and magnify O’Keeffe’s original message.

Being Born

acrylic on canvas




Being Born essentially refers to the act of entering a state of being or present moment and is symbolized as a rebirth. This act requires letting go of thoughts conjured up by the ego. The figure breaks through an ego "barrier" and is coming out the opposite end into a world where true beauty in life can be realized.


acrylic on canvas board




Transformation portrays the crossing of the bridge between chaos and clarity.